Easter Letters, Sunday: Our Truth

The Stay at Home order led to an “investment” in Legos for our family – trying to identify things that engaged the kids and that they could learn from as they enjoyed themselves. Lego sets got expensive quickly and the purchasing came to a halt. But this past Thursday I saw an advertisement pop up on my screen on Facebook that said, “Lego clearance 70-80% off.”

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Easter Letters, Saturday: What Next?

April 11, 2020

It’s Saturday. Due to some storms heading our way tomorrow, we have moved our Egg hunt with my kids to today. Expert opinions are headed in a slightly more positive direction, but with the consistent caveat of “we just don’t know.” So, what comes next? We are in a waiting period, begging for definitive answers. We are waiting to be free of this virus.

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Easter Letters, Friday: Remember Me

April 10, 2020

It is Friday. The volatile financial markets have closed for the week. Some schools have canceled for the rest of the school year. People are preparing to celebrate this weekend in new ways. Some of my extended family will be doing a “Family Reunion” over video.

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Easter Letters, Thursday: I Fear

April 9, 2020

In some ways, this Holy Week looks very different than previous years for many of us. We are forced to be at home, unable to engage in person with extended family, our community and our church families. Eight weeks ago, some of us may have been like Peter was many years ago as the disciples gathered for their last supper together with Jesus.

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