Transformation Milestone #6: Physical Wellness

June 13, 2019

Physical Wellness: Have established a healthy lifestyle - Pursuing good hygiene, eating a balanced diet, making positive decisions with and about their bodies, have been able to deal with and address any significant medical issues. 

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Transformation Milestone #5: Open Minded Worldview Grounded in Truth

June 5, 2019

Open Minded Worldview Grounded in Truth: Respectful of self and others; self-awareness; ready to listen, learn, engage and support others without compromising Gospel truth.

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Transformation Milestone #4: Positive Change Agent

May 30, 2019

Positive Change Agent: Team player (ready to lead and/or follow when the opportunity presents itself), compassion, critical thinking, creative problem solving, humility, Positive Persistence. 

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Transformation Milestone #3: Self Control

May 22, 2019

Self Control: Patient, disciplined, makes wise decisions, deals with disappointment in a constructive and growth-inducing manner.

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