The poor have a voice, let’s help people hear it.

We focus on relationships within the community. This means getting to know the parents and families connected to the children in the school, seeking to not only understand where they are coming from, but also their passions and desires. This allows us to know how to best serve each child and family in our school. We seek to communicate fully with them regarding what we are doing and what we are about. This allows relationships to drive our work, and our “programs” to be more effective because we have an ear to the ground to understand the dynamics of what is going on in the community and also become a trusted voice in the community.

eduKenya is a catalyst for change in Mathare.

We make every effort to know other ministries and training centers in our area so that we can serve as a connecting resource for our families.

We do our best to provide individuals with community, connections to medical care, and provide a place for their children to receive a high-quality education.

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