"Our goal is to see Mathare transformed."

Children unsupervised, out of school, playing and wading through trash and debris, sometimes missing multiple meals a day, this was the unsettling reality that Adam Gould witnessed in 2006 while spending time with communities living in extreme poverty in Nairobi, Kenya. Motivated by these images and a passion to see change, Adam, partnering with Life in Abundance, an international non-profit organisation with Kenyan roots, developed the Kenya Children Project with Pastor Isaiah Kamau and the Believers Centre Mathare Church.

The Kenya Children Project involved expanding the Believer Centre’s childcare program operating in Jangwani, Mathare, one of the poorest communities in Nairobi. From small beginnings, with just 27 children, the Kenya Children Project has developed over the years, directly serving hundreds of children and by extension thousands of family and community members. In 2010, building off this growth and progress, Adam and a good friend Bob Kikuyu, transitioned the Kenya Children Project to become what is now called eduKenya, a fully registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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