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Join the eduKenya movement and become a catalyst for change.

eduKenya is a movement. We offer opportunity.

A chance for the people of Mathare to break the cycle of poverty and transform their own community through the purposeful, transformative education of the next generation.

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Break the cycle of poverty through purposeful transformative education.

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Your donation will help break the cycle of poverty.

Your tax deductible gift will provide education, food, and medical care for the children of Mathare, as well as support our community engagement and community sustainability programs. Thank you for your support!

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  • Transformation Milestone #3: Self Control

    Self Control: Patient, disciplined, makes wise decisions, deals with disappointment in a constructive and growth-inducing manner.

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  • Transformation Milestone #2: Empowered

    Empowered: Exposed to different ideas and gain knowledge to be able to articulate and make wise decisions; ready, willing and able…

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  • Transformation Milestone #1: Christ-Centered

    Christ-Centered: Spiritual Maturity, uses gifts and abilities to glorify God, makes decisions to positively impact others, has an understanding of the…

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