Quality education + Character Development = Transformation.

Our desire is to see growth in each child that we impact, and we do all we can to draw out their best. At eduKenya, education is centered on these principles. We measure a student's progress in character development via our Seven Milestones of Transformation.  For more information on these milestones, click here.

Quality Education

We believe that the purpose of education is to grow children into passionate, creative, responsible and compassionate adults that will participate in, and have a positive impact on society. This is done through increasing knowledge and understanding how to apply it, drawing out gifts and talents in children, and developing character.

Character Development

For eduKenya, transformation doesn’t simply come by achieving high grades and performing well on exams. Transformation centers on character development. A person of character is someone who has a good work ethic, who looks to provide opportunities for others, even as they improve themselves. It is someone who is trusted, who can work collaboratively and use knowledge to positively impact others.

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