Teacher Sponsorship

Teacher Sponsorship provides a monthly salary for a teacher at Mawewa Primary and Chelezo High School. You have the opportunity to pay an entire month's salary for $400 per month or join others for $100 per month to support a teacher. Our teachers provide their students with knowledge, a safe and nurturing environment, encouragement, and mentorship.

Why sponsor a teacher?

  • Teachers offer stability, safety, and security in a community environment that is highly unstable.
  • Teachers show students that life can be different than what they have experienced.
  • With limited positive adult role models in Mathare, our teachers provide students an excellent example to look up toward.
  • Through mentorship, discipline, and encouragement, our teachers seek to draw out the gifts and abilities of their students, not solely academic achievement.

What information will I receive?

When you sign up to sponsor a teacher's salary, you will receive the most recent teacher update and a written letter each term (3) by different teachers.

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