Skill Training Sponsorship

$25 a month provides an opportunity for one parent or community member to receive training in a practical skill. Parenting classes, business training, and other soft skills are offered through this training initiative.

Why sponsor a skill trainee student?

  • Works toward self-sustainability for each community member and family.
  • Providing training opportunities allows for greater employability and income generation for each home, resulting in better financial stability.
  • It offers individuals a space to grow and realize they have the capacity and ability to be providers and valuable service to others.
  • Engages people who may be idle and provides them with purpose and value. It can help eliminate some of the illegal or criminal activities that can come from idleness and lack of opportunity.

What information will I recieve?

You will receive a letter from our Community Sustainability Developer, Angela, overviewing what Skills Training is currently working on. Additionally, you will receive an update focusing on a different skill trainee student or staff member each term (3).

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