We Are Seeing Results!
We Are Seeing Results!

It is always such a blessing when one of our graduated students comes back to visit. Evans Saitoti, recently visited Chelezo High School to pick up some of his school certificates and paperwork.

From his humble beginnings as a middle child of five boys, born to a single mother who had her first child at the age of 13, Evans grew up in an unstable, fatherless home environment. Evans eventually lived with his maternal grandmother Lydia, who provided some stability for her family through skills she acquired from eduKenya’s soapmaking course, that we previously offered to the Mathare community in which we work. Lydia’s hard work and diligence eventually enabled her to develop a small business where she supplied her neighbors and our Mawewa School with soaps, cleaners, and disinfectants.

Through her support, Evans was able to attend our Chelezo High School. At the end of his first week at our boarding school in 2017, Evans wrote, “My experience at boarding school has been good. I feel love from the way I am treated by my classmates and teachers. It is the best place for me.”  

Evans 2020

Now towering over all of his former teachers, Evans is a 3rd-year student of Engineering at the Kenyatta University. During Evans recent visit, Ms. Okado and Mr. Nyongesa, his former Biology and Geography teachers respectively, were both very excited to see him and hear about his university experience so far. Mrs. Wambua, Evans former Business Studies teacher was probably the happiest of them all. She greeted Evans with a big smile, excitedly shook his hand and verbally heaped blessing upon blessing on her former student.

We are very proud of Evans. You should be too! Over more than a decade, with your financial and prayer support, we planted the seeds of transformation through trust in God, Christ-centered character growth, hard work, diligence, and self-discipline. Evans took those lessons with him after graduation and has continued to thrive.

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