The Finish Line
The Finish Line

The future can seem bleak for children growing up surrounded by extreme poverty, broken families, insecurity, drug and alcohol abuse, gang activity, teen pregnancy, and prostitution. It takes a special combination of grace, grit, motivation, and a helping hand to get the children under our care over the finish line of graduation and thereafter onto a path of becoming an independent, positively contributing member of society, who shines the light of God’s love wherever they go.

At our Mawewa School, we focus on character. Character is central to getting our children over that finish line. During the year, our Class 8 pupils at Mawewa School participate in our ROPES (Rights of Passage) Program. ROPES focuses on Christ-centered character development, guiding our students through the transition from childhood into their teenage years. ROPES teaches our learners to stand firm in their principles while preparing them for the pressures of high school and beyond. Through ROPES we reinforce that grit and provide that motivation and accountability that our students and their families need to get them over the finish line. In early December, our class eight students participated in their final ROPES camp of primary school.

They camped, hiked, completed various challenging activities, and had group discussions reinforcing the lessons they had been learning all through the year. At the end of camp, our students were dressed by their mothers and fathers in traditional clothing that symbolized their transition from childhood to adulthood.

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