The Digital Age
The Digital Age

In the rapidly changing digital age, knowledge and proficiency around computers and digital technology is important to harnessing the benefits of the Information Age. Our computer Studies classes are an opportunity for our students at the Chelezo High School to become well-versed with computer technology and programming.

Our program offers the opportunity that children growing up in extreme poverty rarely have, the simple ability to access electricity and working computers on a regular basis. Our team is currently busy preparing our facilities, updating our computer lab, sourcing accessories and printers. They are also preparing our Form 4 students for their final exams which will involve a final project as well as a practical exam on computers. So far we have had a first assessment by the Kenya National Examination officials of our facilities. Their team was happy with the progress we had made and gave some computer and printer specifications which we are working to meet in preparation for the end-of-year exams.

At the end of June, our computer studies students are scheduled to make a school trip to Computer for Schools Kenya who have digital labs and e-waste recycling facilities. We hope that the opportunity to experience how computers are used in the real working world, outside of solely academic settings, will enhance our students' understanding of their studies while also opening their eyes to the different areas of study in the technology world. We are also working on building our relationship with Computer for Schools Kenya, as they are a partner organization that supports schools all over Kenya with equipment and training for teachers.

With all our plans and efforts towards growing our Computer Studies program, please pray for our team on the ground as they work towards developing a robust rigorous academic program that prepares our students in this rapidly changing information age.

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