The Debate
The Debate

Public speaking is an excellent opportunity to build confidence while sharing concrete ideas. At our Mawewa Primary School, we give our students various opportunities for public speaking through our participation in National Drama festivals where they make dramatic presentations of poems and plays; school assemblies and special school occasions, where student leaders make announcements and lead various interactive activities, introduce guests or make speeches on behalf of the student body, various academic classroom presentations and also the opportunity to participate in interclass debates. Recently, one such debate was held which gave various students the chance to prepare their arguments around the motion “Should children be required to learn a third language.” Led by one of our teachers, Mr. Chemiati, our upper primary classes were divided into the two opposing sides, which prepared their teams and arguments and presented them before their peers who acted as the debate audience.

To start, Mr. Chemiati handed over the proceedings to our moderator, 7th grader Helen, who wielded her power over the proceedings with poise, facilitating the debaters to respectfully get their points across while following the structure, procedures, and rules of the debate.

After various heated but respectful back and forth interactions, the proposed motion won the day with the majority of the students siding with the argument that children should be required to learn a third language.

When you give to eduKenya, you are giving children living in extreme poverty the opportunity to grow in confidence as they enjoy a holistic, vigorous educational experience that enables them to hone their gifts and talents. These opportunities, over the years, build on each other, through our various programs and interactions with the children in our care, building resilient children who we strive to nurture into becoming responsible adults who will break the cycle of poverty in Mathare.

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