New Beginnings
New Beginnings

The Kenyan school calendar has traditionally run from January to November, with a month's break in April, August, and 6-8 weeks between mid November to December. Then “COVID happened,” as the now common saying goes, and the national school calendars have been adjusted and condensed to enable students to continue with their education and graduate, despite not attending school for between 6 to 8 months due to Kenyan COVID policy. Thankfully 2023 will see the school calendar return to normal.

Until then, we have continued to navigate the adjusted calendar which meant that on May 3rd 2022, 22 new students joined our Chelezo High School family for their first term. Our Head of Education, Mr. Michael Maingi, and our Mawewa Primary Head Teacher, Mr. Wesonga led a team of teachers from Chelezo School in interviewing potential students.

Thereafter, Joseph Njenga our Community Relationships Developer visited new prospective students' homes to assess their family environment. These home visits helped the recruiting team begin to develop relationships with the learners' parents, confirm the potential students' level of need, and shortlist the most needy students who would benefit from scholarships available at the school. Soon after, another eduKenya panel conducted parent interviews of the shortlisted students.

Please join us in praying for good health, focus, perseverance and wisdom for all our new Chelezo students as they begin their high school journey. Also pray for their parents, that they would support all the learners in their home by God's grace.

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