Meet Queen
Meet Queen

When you sponsor a student through eduKenya’s child sponsorship program, you give a child living in extreme poverty in Mathare, the opportunity to thrive in a high-quality educational environment. Through child sponsorship, you will be able to connect a specific face, name, and story to the investment you are making in the children of Mathare. One such child is Queen.

Queen is a 13-year-old young lady in 6th Grade at our Mawewa Primary School. Queen is a Girl Guide, which is one of many extracurricular activities that we offer to students at our Mawewa Primary School. She has developed a keen interest in Home Science and also loves to study and practice French. During her free time, Queen can be found having fun on the playground honing her netball skills, or learning fun dance routines with her friends. Through our discipleship and mentorship opportunities at our school, Queen has learned about the power and effectiveness of prayer. She has committed to praying for her family so that they might grow financially as they are currently struggling to make ends meet. She also prays for her education, that she would grow in understanding, and become a good student in all her subjects of study.

We need your help to see children like Queen fully sponsored so that they can continue to receive the robust educational opportunities that eduKenya has to offer.

Would you prayerfully consider visiting our child sponsorship page and sponsoring a child today?

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