Fruit From Your Investment
Fruit From Your Investment

“Your children will grow like a tree in the grass, like poplar trees growing beside streams of water.” Isaiah 44:4 NCV

Every tree begins small. The long road from planting the seed or sapling, enhancing the soil, watering, pruning, and finally seeing that first flower or enjoying that beautiful canopy is a lesson in patience and perseverance. Investing in the education of children living in extreme poverty is also a long road, but the first flowers and fruits of our labor are beautiful.

We are just beginning to enjoy the fruit of our labor as we see our students display their leadership and perseverance when they complete our Senior leadership program, navigate their final exams with integrity, and as we witnessed our 4th high school graduation ceremony this month. We continue to connect with our over 80 high school graduates, many of whom have joined colleges, other tertiary training institutes, and the wider workforce. These include some who have come back to serve with eduKenya in Mathare, interning with our communications department to share the stories of the children in our schools, with one graduate interning in our elementary school as a teachers assistant, while preparing to undertake training at teacher training college so he can further serve our school with excellence as a fully certified and trained teacher.

We planted seeds in the fertile soil of care through meeting the basic needs of our students through the provision of a safe environment to learn, healthy meals, and clean water, and nurtured them with attention, concern, and basic kindness. We pruned our young saplings through a robust Christ-centered curriculum designed to prepare our students for academic success and eventually an independent future. Pruning continued through discipline, from redirection for those who needed to be put back on the right path to firm words and sometimes even firmer disciplinary actions, when more than a light touch was needed. All mixed in with a healthy dose of prayer, encouragement and motivation, growing trust and teachability, have confirmed what we worked for, what we hoped and prayed for, that we can break the cycle of poverty in Mathare through the children of Mathare.

We are eternally grateful for many of you who have been on this long journey together with us, who have invested year after year in the holistic education of the children of Mathare. We are also grateful for those who are just starting this journey with us - thank you for considering this ministry as a worthy place to plant your seeds of money, time, attention and prayer. We encourage you to continue to partner with us in this noble work and rejoice with us when we see the fruit of our labor together.

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