Chelezo Scouts
Chelezo Scouts

“Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them;

let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.

Let all creation rejoice before the Lord…” Psalm 96: 12-13a (NIV)

Over 80% of Kenya’s land is classified as either arid or semi-arid land, which means land with very low annual rainfall levels. The continued planting of trees is important to prevent continued soil erosion and create transformative fertile microclimates that enhance the environment and help sustain the people and animals that live in these areas.

Our students learn about environmental care from the perspective of stewardship, discovering their role as caretakers in God’s wonderful world. As our Chelezo High School scouts are growing in number, our scout troop continues to be active participants practicing drills, learning new skills, serving the community and taking on new responsibilities. They recently received new uniforms and on June 5th 2022, joined other scouting troops and schools at the World Environment Day celebrations at the South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU - a public Kenyan university).

During this special day at the SEKU campus, two of our scouts, Solomon and Titus, performed “world class” scouting drills. In addition, all our scouts participated in tree planting.

Our High School head girl also joined them in the noble endeavor.

Through your continued support we were able to ensure our scouts, and all our students have all they need to continue to grow as faithful stewards. We are grateful for every gift that you give that enables us to educate and empower the children in our care in practical transformative ways that make a difference in their environment. If you have not already given this year would you prayerfully consider making a summer gift to ensure even more children receive this impactful education?  

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