Changing Mathare, One Child At A Time
Changing Mathare, One Child At A Time

David Kombo, a bright and gifted young man who graduated from our Chelezo High School, returned to our Mawewa Pre-Primary school recently to use his artistic gifts to beautify our preschool spaces. David painted murals on the outside and inside of our classes enhancing our preschool learning environment, making it fun, colorful, and welcoming to our youngest learners.

David’s work also served as an inspiration to our youngest students as they saw a former student, who comes from an environment just like their own, excelling in his craft and using his gifts to serve within their school.

David joined eduKenya’s Mawewa Primary School in 2014 in Class 7. For his last 2 years as a primary school student, he learned what it means to serve as he participated in our ROPES program. David worked alongside his fellow students during the various service projects they undertook in their community.

Through his time with us, his artistic gift was discovered, nurtured, and encouraged. David and his fellow students learned the virtues of hard work and self-discipline through his time at our Chelezo High School. He undertook our Senior Leadership Program where he actively participated with his fellow students, while, as a budding amateur photographer, he also helped us take some of our best photos during our first Mt. Kenya climb. David successfully graduated in 2019, then went on to undertake a certificate course at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication in Film and Video Production.

When you give to eduKenya, you are creating new opportunities in Mathare. You are helping young men, like David Kombo, discover their gifting and nurture their heart to serve. You can now give through our new student sponsorship program, and help children just like David discover who God created them to be. Consistent giving over time through our student sponsorship program means you get to see a child grow and develop, year after year. These children may not all be artists like David, but business people, writers, scientists, engineers, mathematicians, linguists, farmers, and a myriad of other possibilities. They have untapped potential, and they are just waiting for one person to invest in their future. Would you prayerfully consider offering opportunity by sponsoring a student today?

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