Behind the Lens
Behind the Lens

“I remember my first day at eduKenya. The environment was different, everyone was so outspoken. I had over the years gained a short temper, anything and everything got to me so I kept my distance from people. But as the years went by I became bolder and more outspoken. My friends from eduKenya got me out of drugs and the company of those who take them; they would hold me accountable and push me to be better and did not tolerate drugs at all. They got me to be more vulnerable and talk about the things that weighed heavy on my heart. I can say that this place made me better.”

Meet Kombo David Shehe, eduKenya’s Communications apprentice. While in Chelezo he wore many hats: he was a student, basketball player, and when the opportunity presented itself, the man behind the camera. He would always take the camera off the Kenya communications coordinator and capture the days’ moments.

David joined eduKenya when he was in class six, having transferred from one of the local schools in Mathare. He says,

“My friend Edger told me about Mawewa primary and I was interested. The school I was in wasn’t providing a conducive environment for learning. It was deeply understaffed with a total of three teachers. With all that spare time on our hands, we got into lots of trouble. Drugs and alcohol became a part of my life at an early age. I wanted more for my life. My love for photography started when I joined eduKenya’s high school Chelezo, the Communications Coordinator would give me the camera to play with. She taught me a few things about taking pictures, lighting and angles, and from there my curiosity grew. I got more and more comfortable behind the camera and now I want to make a difference with my talent. I am inspired to create content like Nairobi half-life; a Kenyan movie or Beast of the Nation from Ghana. I want to tell Kenyan stories, African stories through film and photography. My brother and I wrote a script and want to make a movie as soon as we get a hold of a camera; we want to tell the story of the slum and prove to the world that good things can come out of the slum – that here in Mathare there are movers and thinkers as well, it’s not just the rich who are great thinkers but we are too.

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