Art Education
Art Education

“As a Christian, we know why a work of art has value. Why? First, because a work of art is a work of creativity, and creativity has value because God is the Creator. The first sentence in the Bible is the declaration that the Creator created: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”
― Francis A. Schaeffer, Art and the Bible

Children living in extreme poverty often lack access to resources and opportunities that go beyond the basics. Understandably, the focus is usually on providing basic education and sustenance. Emphasis can be on merely keeping children in school and ensuring they graduate. Nevertheless, the importance of providing a holistic education that goes beyond core curriculum subjects cannot be overstated. Providing support for students to explore languages, sports, the culinary, visual, and dramatic arts results in a well-rounded education that opens diverse avenues for success beyond graduation.

Art education can be particularly beneficial for children living in poverty, as it enhances their cognitive and fine motor skills, while also fostering their creativity, self-expression, and self-esteem. Exposure to art broadens cultural awareness, while aiding academic performance, and opens doors to future opportunities. Additionally, it provides a positive outlet, a sense of community with their fellow student artists, and long-term personal growth.

When you give a gift to eduKenya, you are giving children like Samuel and Glory the opportunity to develop their artistic talent and explore the numerous opportunities this skill can give them to help enhance their lives, the lives of their families, and their community at large. Would you consider making a gift to eduKenya to support our work providing a holistic education to the children of Mathare?

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