Academic Clinics
Academic Clinics

Once every school term, an academic clinic is held across our Mawewa Upper Primary and Chelezo High Schools. Each of our students and their parents/guardians get an opportunity to sit and have a conversation with each of their subject teachers to discuss their academic progress. Through this event, our students' parents get to know the areas of strength and weakness of their child, while also discussing strategies to support their children at home to achieve their best results.

In the highly competitive, examination-heavy Kenyan academic system, these academic clinics give our parents a clear performance trajectory of their child, so that rather than pressurizing their children on their exam results, they can focus on healthy academic growth and development.

Conducting the clinic at the primary school has been a challenge as we continue to encourage buy-in from parents. As we have implemented these academic clinics, we have seen improvement, in some cases, significant improvement, in the academic performance of our students. With all the challenges that followed the COVID pandemic lockdowns in Kenya, the academic clinics done at the primary school highlighted the gaps in education, while also preparing parents on what to expect from their learners at the end of the academic year due to these inevitable gaps.

At the beginning of the third term of 2022, Mr. Wesonga, our Principal, and the Class 8 subject teachers conducted an academic clinic for the KCPE 2022 exam candidates who set their individual targets in the presence of their parents. This was very helpful in charting the way forward for each student, while also preparing the parents psychologically to have realistic expectations for their child’s academic performance in the national examinations during the extremely short academic year. Following an intense examination period, our students received their results. While exam results were slightly down overall, we did see a solid average score. More importantly, we have been able to help the students and their parents understand that this is all part of the journey they are on in pursuit of transformation and excellence.

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