A Story by Faith Wanjiku
A Story by Faith Wanjiku

“My name is Faith Wanjiku, a 3rd born girl of three siblings. My father passed away ten years ago, leaving my mother alone to put food on the table and care for the needs of three children. On completing my primary school education, I was among the lucky few in my neighborhood who joined secondary school. I stayed at my aunt’s place in upcountry while in school. Upon completion in 2014, I came back to Mathare to stay with my mother. When I was growing up, I loved playing with people’s hair, starting with my family to my friends. This turned out to be something that I am now passionate about and a lifetime career. During my teenage years, I loved to wear makeup and although, as I have now learnt, I did it in the wrong way, I still thought I looked beautiful. After finishing high school, I decided to join a school so that I could perfect my skill. I found out that there was more to Hair and Beauty than meets the eye. eduKenya’s Skill Training program provided a good learning environment with all the necessary learning materials for boosting our thirst for knowledge. They also provided us with internet access to watch online tutorials on cosmetology related issues. By the time I joined the Skill Training program I only had a dream, but by the time I left the school, I was living my dream. The journey was not easy, but I made it through the course. There were days I thought I would flunk the class because I couldn’t get clients on whom to practice. Sometimes the exams would seem difficult. All the same, I have finished the course successfully. It is now time to venture into the big work market to put the skills I have learnt to use.”

About Skills Training

Over the last 10 years, eduKenya has developed skills training programs for members of the community, the majority of whom have not completed education beyond primary school. We have partnered with a Kenyan entrepreneur who has experience with small business development and large scale exports to develop a training model that focuses on the gaps in the local market. By taking a collaborative approach with trainees, we are able to create a larger scale sustainable impact.

While open to both men and women, the majority of program trainees are women working to support their families and raise their overall level of living. Graduates of the program often use their new skills in sewing, cosmetology, etc.,to run “Jua Kali” microenterprises- small businesses in the large informal sector that operate in outdoor kiosks. Your support of eduKenya helps us provide Skills Training trainees with opportunities for gaining skills, knowledge, and confidence with the intended impact of more financially stable homes in the Mathare community.

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