A New Chapter
A New Chapter

At the beginning of the school year, due to a temporary staffing transition, our Chelezo High School students began the year without a Computer Studies teacher. This was very disheartening for several of our students who not only needed this class to meet all of their academic requirements prior to graduation but also for those who were simply excited to have more opportunities to use computers on a regular basis, an opportunity they would not have enjoyed otherwise.

Upon hearing of our predicament, our eduKenya IT officer, Evan Kinyanjui, who is passionate about education, rose to the challenge with compassion, taking on the responsibility of becoming a temporary Computer Studies teacher for our high schoolers.

From the first day that Evan stepped into the classroom with a warm smile, his enthusiasm for IT and Computers was infectious. His students expressed that they could not help but feel a spark of optimism, due to his genuine belief in their potential. With his unwavering support, and listening ear, Evan has begun to play a role in nurturing a sense of possibility and resilience in each of our computer students.

As the days have turned into weeks, and we continue our search for a new permanent teacher, the once-disheartened students have begun to show understanding and competency in their Computer studies, excelling in their evaluative tests and exercises.  

In a short time, as Evan has continued to work to support our organization through the IT department, while taking on the additional responsibility of becoming a part time teacher, his impact has been remarkable amongst our entire Chelezo High School community.

Please join us in thanking God for Evan, he has truly been a blessing to us. Please also pray that all our staff vacancies in Kenya would be filled with wise competent people, who love God and are seeking to passionately and diligently serve children living in extreme poverty.

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