Faith’s Journey: Opportunity

Faith was used to her new routine. She was a big girl now, and at 5 years old, she knew the exact route to walk herself to school through the winding Jangwani pathways. She often walked with a few friends, but their numbers varied because many of them could not make it everyday. It was hard going to school sometimes when you were very hungry or feeling sick, but going to school was better than staying at home. During the day, there was no one to watch over her at home, and her mother told her that it wasn’t safe.

One day something exciting happened. Faith’s school, which met in the Believers Center Church in Jangwani, Mathare received a few visitors. One of them was a man from a country far far away. His name was Adam. Even though he looked very different from everyone she had ever seen, Adam seemed kind. Faith’s English was not very good, but she understood when he held his hand out for a high-five, sang songs, laughed and made funny faces with her and her friends. She really liked Adam, and she found herself squabbling with her friends over who would sit in his lap.

Soon after that visit, the school began to change. More teachers came. Faith received a new red and white school uniform with a warm red sweater and white socks. She had never worn something new before and her mother told her she looked so smart! In school they began to learn more letters, and she had her own notebook and pencils for writing. They still played, but now the songs had numbers and silly rhymes, and they even got to play with instruments like drums and wooden flutes. The most exciting change was all the food. Everyday Faith and her friends got porridge and lunch; it was unbelievable how much food they had!

As more and more children came to the school, they were divided into classes, with even more teachers. Something new was happening in Mathare and Faith was excited!

For children like Faith who live in extreme poverty, the opportunity to receive a quality education makes a difference. When eduKenya’s Mawewa School first started in Jangwani in 2007 we had 27 children. Today the school serves 342 children and impacts over 1000 more people through the school and its auxiliary programs. Kenya has an 80% literacy rate, one of the highest in Africa, yet has also been ranked 8th  globally and 6th in Africa among countries with the largest number of people living in extreme poverty. Only 2 out of every 5 students first enrolled in primary school in Kenya will graduate from high school. Many children may start on the path to become positive, contributing citizens, but that path is often blocked when their education is cut short. Literacy is not enough. A full, quality education is the first step that enables a child to move from extreme poverty and hopelessness, to becoming a job creator.

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