Faith’s Journey – Change

Faith’s story is eduKenya’s story. She has been a part of our school family since its inception. Faith began as a preschool student in 2007 and at the end of 2019, Faith will be a part of our very first Chelezo High School graduating class. She has seen it all. From our first rented tin shack classrooms right in the heart of the Jangwani community, to our current multistory primary school building. She attended our high school at both of our locations, first in Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley, and now in Wote in Makueni County. She has sat in dimly lit classrooms, on simple wooden benches, pressed close to her peers as they shared text books, to now conducting chemistry experiments in our spacious high school science lab.

Faith wore our first two-piece red and white school uniforms with excitement. She has always been proud to represent our school and the values it stands for; at Peace Walks in Mathare as she stood with her fellow students against election violence, to community service days serving others. She has represented our school at the Kenya Schools Drama Festival and the Kenya Music Festival competitions, and at our schools first National Mathematics contest appearance, wearing our current navy and sky blue three-piece with tie uniform with pride. As Faith moved up from grade to grade she has seen the transition of teachers and staff, from class teachers and different school principals, to changes in eduKenya’s senior leadership. Faith has always enjoyed learning. She has had ups and downs, her grades have picked up, lagged and then gone up again, as she has strived to do her best with all her school subjects despite the difficult circumstances at home.

Change is an inevitable part of life. Through all these transitions, one thing has remained the same. Our teachers, counsellors and Community Engagement staff constantly strive to share the love of Christ with Faith, and all the children and their families that we are walking with. Through creating a positive learning environment, eduKenya’s schools and auxiliary programs engage and inspire our students to dream about a better and brighter future for themselves and their community, even as they live in an environment characterized by hopelessness, apathy and despair. Change can happen in Mathare, but this change must start in the hearts and minds of those living daily in extreme poverty, as they are inspired to be catalysts for transformation in their own communities. As we support and equip our students, we dare to dream that they would rise to the occasion and be lights and voices for the marginalized people of Mathare and beyond.

Faith’s story is the story of the children of Mathare. Each student’s details may be different, but the overarching story of hope in the face of adversity is the same. The story of the children of Mathare is also your story. As you give, they are equipped, as you sacrifice, they are strengthened. eduKenya has had many supporters over the years. From elementary school children banding together as a class, to college students sacrificially giving through social media campaigns, to young executives sacrificing their coffee money, to grandmother’s consistently giving an end of year gift. As you consider the rest of the year ahead, would you take the step to commit to a year of consistent giving through our classroom sponsorship program? For some of you it may be a simple decision, for others a major sacrifice. It may require coordinating with your friends or family to make a shared commitment, it may mean motivating your children to give, but no matter the circumstance, your giving is a gift. Your sacrifice matters, your generosity will make a difference.

The children of Mathare, like all children around the world are a gift of untapped potential. They are the change agents of both now and the future. When you give through the classroom sponsorship program you help eduKenya holistically equip the children of Mathare to enable them to achieve their potential and reach for the stars.  Would you consider sponsoring a class today and giving children like Faith the opportunity to thrive?

Thank you for sharing Faith’s journey with us.

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