Excellence in Action: Adam Gould, eduKenya

In a recent interview with Kinga Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping non-profits succeed, Adam shared some of his thoughts on non-profit structure, giving and cross-cultural partnerships.

Adam: When you ignore the giving capacity of locals, you are essentially saying to them, “You do not have what it takes to help your fellow citizens. You can’t be part of the solution.” The power of participation is transformational. Too often, the power dynamic swings in the direction of those with the money. However, when support for the work comes from local partners it breaks down barriers and creates equal, genuine relationships, as opposed to one-sided dependencies. We’ve experienced this time and again at eduKenya.  When our students see a successful Kenyan business person or lawyer who sits on our board, or when a Kenyan individual gives in significant ways and then visits our students, it gives our children a powerful message about the generosity and ability of their own people.

Read more from Adam’s interview with Kinga Consulting.

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