• Kelsay Corlew

    Director of Communications

    “I believe wholeheartedly in the work eduKenya is doing to advance the Kingdom of God. It is an absolute honor and blessing to serve with this organization as an amplifier for the voices of the children and their families living in Mathare.”

    Kelsay serves as the US Director of Communications for eduKenya. She graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2017 with a BS in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Her first year out of college she served with the Christian Student Fellowship at WKU as the Director of Women’s Ministry until coming on staff with eduKenya. Kelsay loves writing, learning, and getting to know people. She recently got married and is now the wife to Manny.

  • Emilie Goggans

    Administrative Director

    I am thankful to be part of an organization where my administrative skills and my passion to see lives transformed can come together. What a privilege to see the Lord work in the lives of these students and their families!

    Emilie is the US Administrative Director for eduKenya. Emilie graduated with honors from Belmont University with a BA in Accounting. Emilie is married to Josh and they have three children - Ella, Sophie, and Liam.

  • Adam Gould

    Executive Director

    “I started, and continue to be a part of eduKenya because I believe as a person who has been given an abundance of opportunity, I have a responsibility to offer opportunity to others who have not been so fortunate.”

    Adam is the co-founder and Executive Director of eduKenya and founder of the Kenya Children Project. He graduated from Eastern University with a BA in Youth Ministry in 2005, and an MA in International Development in 2010. Adam is married to Njeri and has a daughter, Amani and a son, Tele.

  • Pispah Lugondo

    Kenya Accountant

    “I like that our work is Christ centered, working with eduKenya feels like family.”

    Pispah is the Kenya eduKenya Accountant. Pispah is a graduate of the University of Nairobi with a Degree in Finance and Marketing. He is a certified public accountant – CPA(K). He previously worked for Mogas Group, Kenya as the Retail Accountant and as a Credit Control Accountant at Safaricom Limited.

  • Michael Maingi

    Head of Education

    “I enjoy working with eduKenya, as my call of duty has always extended into being a brother or father to that child that needs a shoulder to lean on.”

    Michael serves as the Head of Education for eduKenya. He joined the organization as a class one teacher in 2009 and was promoted to head teacher in 2010. He served at Mawewa Primary School as the head teacher from 2012 until 2018 when he was promoted to Head of Education. Michael has a Primary Education Teacher certificate from Meru Teacher’s College, a diploma in Early Childhood Education from Kiambu District Centre for Early Childhood Education and is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Education in Early Childhood Education from Mount Kenya University. Michael is passionate about positive growth, fairness, and justice. Michael is the father to two boys, Jayden and DJibril.

  • Faith Mutinda

    Kenya Communications Coordinator

    “I love getting to see everybody around me live their Christian faith practically. Jesus being the center of what we do is a first for me and makes me feel so privileged to be a part of the eduKenya community, which feels like family.”

    Faith is the Kenya Communications Coordinator for eduKenya. She is a graduate of Moi University with a degree in Communication. She has served in various administration roles over the past four years. Faith loves to bake, cook, read and journal.

  • Collette Mwende

    Guidance Coordinator

    “I love working closely with the students to help them bring out the best in themselves, overcome challenges and exploit educational opportunities.”

    Collette is the Guidance Coordinator for eduKenya. She has a diploma in Community Development and Social Work from Africa Nazarene University. She previously worked for Pumwani Maternity Hospital Social Department as an Industrial Attachment as well as a Field Interviewer at Kemri-CDC Kibera. Collette is passionate about anything that involves community empowerment and development. She is married and has two children.

  • Angela Ndiho

    Community Sustainability Developer

    “I love being a part of a committed team that is developing solutions that are leading to transformation at an individual and community level. In the Skills Training unit, it's amazing to see the hope in faces of the students as they see the opportunities to empower themselves slowly unfolding.”

    Angela serves on the eduKenya team as the Community Sustainability Developer. Angela is enthusiastic about building capacity for economic empowerment amongst the under-privileged. In particular, she is passionate about the development of the Kenyan textile value chain as a means to achieving economic empowerment. She has experience spanning import/export trade, marketing and production in garment and agro-processing sectors garnered over the last 18 years.

  • Stella Ndiho

    Kenya Director of Development

    “It is an awesome privilege to be a part of the story of how God is breaking the cycle of poverty for each of our students.”

    Stella is the eduKenya Director of Development in Kenya. She has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Northern Illinois University and a diploma in Advanced Nutrition. She is a wellness coach and previously served as an Administrator at The Nairobi Hospital and as the Director of Eden Company Ltd. Stella is passionate about wellness, social justice, environmental protection and personal development.

  • Ajema Ngumba

    Kenya Director

    “Every individual has a story to tell; I only have to look, listen and understand. These stories inspire me to give my all because God has called me to this noble work.”

    Ajema is the Kenya Director for eduKenya. Ajema graduated from Daystar University/Messiah College with a BA in Business Administration and Management, and received a postgraduate diploma in Gender, Poverty and Development from Egerton University. She has over 10 years of community development work experience and worked with Harvest Discipling Ministry for 7 years.

  • Erick Nzomo

    Procurement Coordinator

    “In my work, I am most motivated by the children, their growth and transformation is inspiring!”

    Erick is the Procurement Coordinator for eduKenya. He has a CPA from Visions Institute of Professionals in Nairobi and a Diploma in Forensic Accounting from the Kenya Institute of Criminal Justice. Erick served as a volunteer with Life in Abundance from 2008 to 2009 and as their volunteer accountant between 2009 to February 2010.

  • Joseph Njenga

    Community Relationships Developer

    “ I love the opportunity I have to serve humanity and witness transformation firsthand!”

    Joseph is the Kenya Community Relationships Manager for eduKenya. He worked with the Kwa Watoto Project Trust as a volunteer assistant in Home Based Care Program between 2008-2010. He later became the head of Home Based Care program, then the Community support Ministry coordinator. Joseph has a higher diploma in Project Management from Kenya Institute of Management. He is passionate about youth ministry and talent empowerment and is also a talented recording artist with 2 albums to his name.

  • Abigail Rill

    US Director of Development

    “I feel so lucky to get to share in the incredible transformative power eduKenya has had in the families, children and staff as a whole.”

    Abigail is the US Director of Development for eduKenya. She graduated from Belmont University in 2018 with a BA in Social Entrepreneurship and a minor in Religious Studies. Abigail is passionate about the lives of people and developing positive relationships with others. She loves doing any outdoor activities and spending time with friends.