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About Mathare

Mathare is one of the oldest and poorest slums in Africa. Situated three miles east of Nairobi’s central business district, Mathare is home to over 600,000 people in an area measuring just two square miles. Mathare residents live a hand to mouth existence, with an average income of well below $2 per day.

The landscape of the slum consists of makeshift homes built from mud, tin or wood scraps, with a scattering of several low-income high rise apartments. Proper sewage is scarce and narrow walkways are filled with open sewage and trash. Water stations and access to electricity are rarely seen throughout the slum, and there is no running water or sewer systems in homes.

boy in trash

Life in Mathare is one of daily survival in the face of congestion, poverty and disease. Compounding this harsh reality is the presence of notorious criminal gang activity, prostitution and rampant drug and alcohol abuse.

Child protection is a serious problem, as there are only three operating public schools, leaving countless youth uneducated, idle and vulnerable to gang recruitment and prostitution. Many children are orphans, living in single parent households or with extended family. Caretakers struggle to provide food and other basic needs for children due to unemployment and illness.

eduKenya works to protect the highly vulnerable children of Mathare by providing a safe and nurturing school environment, nutritious food, medical care and spiritual nurture.