About eduKenya


eduKenya was founded by Adam Gould and Bob Kikuyu in 2010 as an extension of the Kenya Children Project, an outreach to children and families in Mathare.

The Kenya Children Project was established in 2006 as a partnership with Believers Centre Mathare Church and Life in Abundance to expand on the church’s childcare program by developing a fully functional primary school. The Mawewa School – which means “for the children” in Swahili – was the result.

From 2007 – 2010, the Mawewa School rapidly expanded, adding a new grade level each year. The Skills Training and Home Based Care programs were initiated to benefit students’ parents and other community members by teaching income generating skills and providing support for people living with HIV/AIDS and other life threatening conditions.

eduKenya was founded to build upon the success of the Kenya Children Project by replicating the model in other areas of the slum for the benefit of countless other uneducated children and families living in abject poverty.